Friday, January 30, 2009

XUL Development using Komod IDE/Editor

XUL Explorer is an XULRunner application that aims to provide an IDE for XUL development.

It provides some useful features -
  1. A variety of XUL "templates" a.k.a. "snippets", which allow you to quickly insert commonly used XUL into your code.
  2. A preview pane which shows you a live preview of what the finished application will look like.
Neat idea! Except that the project is in its infancy and bundles a barely usable editor which renders the whole contraption impractical.

I have a license for Komodo IDE and find it very usable and intuitive. Komodo IDE/Editor is also based on the Mozilla platform and therefore has native support for XUL. What's more, it already includes a live preview option for quickly testing out your changes. So to fill in the missing piece, I set out to port the XUL snippets to Komodo format.

A lot of manual copy paste later - Voila!

It's in the Komodo KPZ format. Downoad, Drag drop into the IDE, Enjoy.

PS: Use the Trigger Macro to enable Textmate style macro functionality for more hacking bliss!


canuckistani said...

Thanks for posting this, I've re-posted to the Komodo forums:

Anupam Jain said...

Hi I have moved the file to Please update the post on the ActiveState forum.

Leon Victor said...

Komodo is basically XUL on the front-end, and Python XPCOM components in the back-end.